Hello! I’m Erica. 

I help women put themselves on the top of their to-do list. I teach them how to retrain their mind and love themselves along the way.

Why am I perfect to help you?

Because I have been there. Just as you have… I have shown up for everyone else except myself. I have always had a battle going on in my head… feeling like I would never be enough and living a life of striving to please everyone else but me. This became even more overwhelming when I became a mom.

One of the ways I dealt with my internal struggles was through my relationship with food and exercise. I battled an eating disorder for nearly 20 years and couldn’t imagine a life without feeling out of control around food. Exercise was something I had to do because I wasn’t good enough just as I was. Ugh, how awful to feel that way! After trying all the things, including therapy with no success, I had finally reached a breaking point.

I found coaching and everything changed.

I surrendered to no longer being in a hurry to achieve the “end goal” where everything would magically become better.

I surrendered to stop being so hard on myself.

I surrendered to loving myself along the way because I sure as hell knew that hating myself along the way had not worked.

I surrendered to letting go of the “all or nothing” perfectionistic thinking that had sabotaged me so many times.

I surrendered to the lifelong journey of being me.

By retraining my mind and changing my beliefs, I created what I most desired – to love and accept myself unconditionally, knowing that I am innately worthy, deserving, and capable.

I am passionate about empowering women to show up for themselves, believe in themselves, and create an intentional life filled with growth, purpose and passion.

What I found most helpful about my sessions with Erica was how she was able to show me how my own thinking was making it difficult for me to make some meaningful changes in my life.  It was fascinating for me to see her connect the dots, and I believe that this understanding has allowed me to change my approach.  Erica did a great job putting me at ease during our sessions, I found it very easy to talk to her.  I appreciated the extra resources and strategies that she shared with me as well.