Expect Failure…

Anticipate things will go wrong. You won’t execute your plan perfectly. Do you know why? Because that is life. We are human. But we have the disillusioned belief that we need to do things perfectly and if we don’t then there is something wrong with us.

But do you know what is true?
We are supposed to make mistakes.
We are supposed to give up.
We are supposed to avoid struggles.
That is how our brains were created to work.

Our brains and bodies are designed for survival NOT success! What! Isn’t that crazy!
So this whole time we’ve been making our failures and struggles mean that there is something wrong with us yet that is exactly what we are designed to do!
Take a moment to think about that.

What can this mean for you moving forward?
This has been instrumental in my personal growth and accomplishments because before that I would give up or not even try because the thought of having to do something perfectly felt unattainable. It was like I had failed before I even started. I know so many of you can relate and I know I can help you.

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