Give Yourself Time

Why do you think we are in a rush to reach our goals? Why do we want to cross that finish line right now?!?! Most of us rush to our goal because we tend to think we will feel better when… i.e lose 20#, run a marathon, make x amount of money, get the job, find a partner, etc. The list goes on and on but what often happens is we end up eventually feeling the same after the initial excitement wears off.

Do you know why? It’s because our thinking creates our feelings and if we end up at our “goal” with the same brain that we started with then we will just end up feeling the same way. When that happens it feels so discouraging. You end up going from one goal to the next in search of the feeling you are longing for (i.e happiness, love, confidence, success).

So to TRULY feel better and to achieve and maintain your goals for the long run you need to embrace the little by little journey versus the quick fixes. Consider that the time, growth, skills, and lessons learned along the way is the how to become the person you want to be. You cannot get from A to C without going through B. So give yourself some grace and time along the way to GRADUALLY BECOMING who you are striving to be. It’s in the becoming where all the magic happens. This mental shift can have such a profound impact on your life. Give yourself time.