Having Your Own Back…

I wanted to share with you an experience I’ve been having. I have been more hungry lately and needing to eat more often. I tried to return to a previous eating schedule/routine that has worked for me in managing my appetite and cravings but recently I haven’t been able to do so successfully.

So in the past my mind would have been flooded with self-judgment and defeat. Thoughts like you’ve failed again, you will never get back on track and will gain weight, you don’t have the willpower and blah blah blah… But a cool change has happened. I still experience a glimmer of those thoughts but they don’t stay around very long as I’ve reprogrammed my brain to generate these thoughts instead. I have thoughts like “I wonder what is going on in my body that I need more calories or need to eat more frequently,” “ I wonder if my body just needs more time to adjust?” Followed by thinking that I need to take more time to listen to my body and learn what it is telling me.

Now that doesn’t mean I am bingeing on all the food because I’m more hungry. It means I am still making mindful food choices that best serves my body out of love and not hate/punishment/self sabotage. I am operating from a place of curiosity and love for myself and body. What happens is I continue to strengthen my relationship with myself versus being my worst critic. See how powerful my thinking in this situation is having on my experience and ultimately my results.

I don’t want to paint this picture of living in perfect harmony, always making the “right” food choices and doing the “right” thing. How the picture looks instead is that I still have moments of emotional or mindless eating, wanting to drink alcohol more frequently and just escape through social media. But what happens during these times is that I see them as opportunities to check in with myself. Ok Erica what is going on here? I see you “numbing” out more often. Lets take some time to pay attention and figure out what’s going on? This is how it can look to have your own back. There is no one else we shouldn’t be more willing to support than ourselves.

Life coaching can help you find that voice inside of you that feels like your best friend is talking to you and supporting you. Life coaching can help you learn how to be your own best friend and have your own back.

“I hope you don’t find purpose in loving others because it’s easier than loving yourself. I hope you find purpose in loving yourself and use that abundance of love to serve others.”