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Do you continuously struggle to achieve long-lasting success? Are you not sure where to begin? Let me help you put an end to the exhausting battle of wanting more for yourself.

Working with me, you will learn to: 

• Put yourself at the top of your to do list.
• Become empowered and develop the mindset to create your dream life. 
• Experience less self-judgment, overwhelm, self-doubt, fear, stress, and confusion.
• Stop emotional eating and finally achieve your health and weight loss goals.
• Gain an intuitive and loving relationship with your mind and body.
• Step into the mom and partner you want to be.

I will guide you through the three foundational areas of growth to accomplish your goals and transform your life with greater ease and self-love. Coaching will help you show up for yourself and create the results you want in your life.

Perfectionism, fear of failure, and self-judgment
have ruled your life thus far, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Let Me Walk Along Your Jouney With you.

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$70/session ($240 savings)


$80/session ($60 savings)



(each session is 60 minutes)

Erica’s calm, caring, and kind nature puts me immediately at ease and allows me to feel comfortable talking about really personal things. It’s very apparent that she genuinely wants to help, and she guides me to a place of uncovering beliefs that aren’t serving me so that I can release them and start to think in new ways. Coaching with Erica is such a gift. She’s an excellent coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough!